About XCP

What does XCP stand for?

It stands for Xtra Corrosion Protection – XCP. Corrosion and rust protection runs through our DNA and we have been protecting equipment against corrosion for more than 25 years.

How did you develop XCP?

The XCP products have a strong industrial heritage. Our parent company (MGS Group) has been in the business of protecting printing presses since 1981.

The experience from the printing and other industries has been applied to the XCP Professional range to provide the best possible performance across a wide range of applications.

Check out the full story here – https://xcp-protection.com/about-xcp/.

XCP Products

What do the products do?

XCP ONE is a multi-purpose maintenance spray, designed to loosen, lubricate, displace moisture, clean and protect. 

XCP GREEN ONE does exactly the same thing as XCP ONE, but it is made from bio-based ingredients that are renewable, sustainable and bio-degradable. 

XCP Rust Blocker is a soft film anti-corrosive compound that lays down a soft coating that provides extremely long lasting protection against rust and corrosion. 

XCP Rust Blocker CLEAR COAT is a soft film anti-corrosive compound, that provides outstanding corrosion protection.  It is easy to apply and remove (if necessary).

XCP Lubricate & Protect is a long lasting lubricant spray. It is built to withstand pressure, reduce friction and minimise wear. 

XCP Chain Lubricant is a high performance chain lubricant. It penetrates the links and sprockets to lay down an ultra-thin film which provides long lasting lubrication, and protection against corrosion. Not only that, but it’s not sticky like other chain lubricants out there (that act effectively like a grinding paste) and won’t ‘fling off’ the chain!

XCP Universal Parts Cleaner is a powerful non-chlorinated, solvent based fast evaporating cleaner and degreasing agent for use on a wide variety of parts and surfaces. It removes dirt, grease, oil and grime. 

XCP Cleaner & Degreaser is a water based cleaner that cuts through dirt, grease, oil, grime.  It’s safe on metals, plastics, paints and coatings, and is biodegradable.

What is in the products?

All the XCP products are proprietary blends of organic chemistry, developed by our team of chemists and built on years of experience in maintenance and corrosion protection.

How do I apply XCP Rust Blocker?

XCP Rust Blocker and XCP Rust Blocker CLEAR COAT can be applied using the aerosol, trigger bottle or refill packaging.

The aerosols will provide a fine mist application and are the easiest way to apply the product.

Simply spray, and wipe down to remove any excess liquid.  Many people use the bulk packaging to wipe or brush the liquids.  They can also be used in ‘dipping baths’.   

Finally, the liquids can also be atomised through a paint gun & compressed air.  This is often how professionals apply the products, as the atomised liquid can reach otherwise inaccessible areas, for the ultimate in corrosion protection.

How do I remove XCP Rust Blocker?

Used neat as a degreaser, XCP Cleaner & Degreaser will remove the soft films laid down by the XCP Rust Blocker products.

Solvent based cleaners, like XCP Universal Parts Cleaner will also remove the coating, but ensure this is only applied to metal surfaces, and any overspray onto coated surfaces is wiped down.

Is XCP still effective in hot and cold conditions?

Absolutely, the whole range of XCP Professional products operate at low and high temperatures.

What’s the difference between the aerosol can and the trigger bottles?

The aerosol can is a pressurised container, meaning that there is force behind the application. The liquid that you end up with is itself is exactly same, whether it comes from the bottle or the can, but they do give a different spray patterns. Which you use will depend on the application you’re looking for.

In the case of XCP Rust Blocker, the aerosol provides a fine mist.  Due to the viscosity of the liquid, the bottle cannot do the same thing (without the propellant), so we would recommend the bottle for applications where you are going to wipe down, brush or dip the product.

Product Comparisons

Is XCP different to WD-40?

XCP ONE and GREEN ONE are designed to do exactly the same jobs as products like WD40, and both ONE and GREEN ONE have been shown to loosen and lubricate around twice as effectively compared to WD40. Whereas WD40 is made from volatile ingredients and evaporates quite quickly, both XCP ONE and GREEN ONE are non-volatile. They stay around and keep working for much longer!

Are the XCP Rust Blocker products different to ACF-50?

XCP RUST BLOCKER Original and XCP Rust Blocker CLEAR COAT are both soft film corrosion protection compounds, and in salt fog resistance testing (e.g. industry standard ASTM B117), both products significantly outperform leading competitors, including ACF-50.

Storage and Disposal

Is there an expiration date?

If kept in appropriate conditions the product should be useable indefinitely.

How do I dispose of it?

Always check with you local recycling authorities for guidelines on the recycling of aerosol cans. However, general practice would be to ensure aerosols are completely empty, don’t pierce, crush or flatten the cans and detach any loose or easily removable parts.

Where should it be stored?

Store in ambient temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Safety and Environmental Considerations

Are XCP product flammable?

Due to the propellant used in our aerosol cans, these are classed as flammable.  The non- pressurised trigger bottles and refill containers are not flammable.

Are XCP products toxic/should I wear a mask or protective clothing?

If used as recommended there should be no requirement for protective clothing. Please consult hazard statement and precautionary statements on the product packaging for further advise.

Is there a difference in the performance of One and Green One?

No, the only difference between the two products is that XCP GREEN ONE is made from renewable, sustainable and bio-degradable ingredients, making it the environmentally friendly option!


Where can I buy?

Check out our Where to Buy page for details on where you can find our products!