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Built on decades of experience in demanding industrial environments, XCP Industrial Rust Preventatives deliver the highest standards in corrosion protection and dewatering for the steel and metal working industries. In an easy to understand range of products, they are designed to protect metal parts and surfaces against the effects of moisture, salt spray and harsh corrosive environments. For protection against indoor and outdoor exposure.

During the production process

Interim- and long term storage

Suitable for both ferrous and
non-ferrous materials

Shipping and final rust protection

The correct selection and application process of the right product can deliver significant cost and efficiency benefits. Required protection levels, film thickness, drying times, odour and many other factors determine the most suitable product for the application. Please discuss your requirements with us and our collaborative process will help identify the best solution for the job.

Safer to use and environmentally friendly options also improve the operator environment. XCP Industrial Fluids offer environmentally friendly corrosion preventatives – produced from renewable, sustainable and biodegradable ingredients.


XCP Industrial Fluids deliver market leading performance levels. This is ensured by a continuous programme of in-house research and development, and competitor product testing. Some companies will quote simplified figures for their products in terms of in- and outdoor protection levels. However, as corrosion protection levels are influences by many factors in a real life environment, we prefer to let the products do the talking and prove the advantages of using XCP Industrial Fluids.

Please talk to us about our free of charge comparative testing services and let us demonstrate how XCP Industrial Fluids compare against the competition.

XCP Industrial Fluids are formulated to deliver a range of protection levels, achieved through a variety of film types, ranging from fast drying thin film to slower drying films with waxy finishes. XCP Rust Preventatives exhibit extremely strong bonding properties with the surface of the substrate, to deliver powerful corrosion and rust prevention barriers.

All products can be applied using spray, dip, brush, sponge and wipe methods.


If the products in our existing ranges do not meet your requirements, we can offer a bespoke product development service that will ensure the product matches exactly what you are looking for.

Our Custom Products service starts with gaining a full understanding of customer requirements.

Our lab will formulate a product designed specifically to meet customer requirements.

Full product testing and benchmarking as required will be carried out to ensure optimal product performance.

New product development is always initiated with a full understanding of customer, industry and regulatory requirements. As an ISO 9001 certified business, product specifications and manufacturing processes are documented and executed to the highest possible standard, ensuring that our products deliver the high quality and consistency expectations demanded by our customers.